Expert Amp repair and Service Central Florida


Amp Guys offer Expert Amp Repair and Service for most major brands of musical electronic equipment; both Tube and Solid-State; Modern, Vintage and Boutique.

We repair and service all standard types of guitar and bass amps, as well as power amps, powered mixers, P.A.’s and more.

We specialize in the repair of vintage guitar amplifiers from the late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s.

We strive to turnaround basic repairs is 7 – 10 days, depending on how many other items may be here…and whether any schematics or special parts need to be ordered.

We do not normally do Guitar Repair…but may accept certain electronic or wiring projects, when there is no routing or woodworking required.

Pedal & Guitar Electronics services are billed at our standard shop rate.

Amp Guys are a Factory Authorized Service Center for these fine brands:

Authorized Service and Repair

Fender EVH Marshall
Mesa/Boogie Ampeg SWR
Crate Mackie Galien Kreuger
Eden Hartke Randall
Peavey Crest Audio Traynor
Orange Vox Hughes & Kettner
Yamaha Roland Casio
Nord Kurzweil Supro
  Metro Amp