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Amp Guys specialize in the service & repair of a variety of pro audio gear including guitar amplifiers and bass amps, power amps, mixing boards, keyboard amps and more...

Amp Guys - Expert Repairs

expertly repaired and thoroughly tested before your gear is ready to go home to you!

Amp Guys Fixes That!

in a addition to providing Orlando Amplifier repair, we at the Amp Guys also fix a ton of other stuff: like mixing boards, power amplifiers, bass amps, as well as provide 'appropriate mods' and restoration for vintage guitar amplifiers

Amp Guys Bench

making sure we have the right equipment to fix your gear properly... Amp Guys has a deep bench of tools and experience to repair your amp, mixer or other electronic gear.

Amp Guys

Central Florida's "One Stop Shop" for Amplifiers, Parts, Repairs and Service.

Central Florida Authorized Repair

Orange Amps, Samson, Hartke, Mesa/Boogie, Ampeg, Zoom, Crate, Mackie, Tapco, Eden, Marshall, Randall, Peavey, Crest Audio, SWR, Fender, EVH, Genz-Benz, Kustom, Powerwerks, Yorkville, Traynor, Hughes & Kettner

- Amp & Electronic Repair

Amp Guys offer Expert Amp Repair and Service for most major brands of musical electronic equipment; both Tube and Solid-State; Modern, Vintage and Boutique.


Amplifier Restoration

Amp Guys have been performing amp restorations and modifications for both guitar and bass amplifiers since the mid-90’s.


About Amp Guys

Located in heart of Central Florida Amp Guys specialize in Repair, Modification and Custom Electronic Design of musical electronic equipment.


Expert Amplifier Repair Service and Restoration

Amp Guys specialize in the service & repair of a of pro audio gear including: guitar amps and bass amps, power amps, keyboard amps, keyboards and synthesizers , speaker cabinets and mixing consoles.
We specialize vintage amplifier repair and restoration and modifications.

Located in the Heart of Central Florida, Amp Guys service for musicians in Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, Casselberry, Sandford, Lake Mary, Daytona, Deltona and all of Central Florida.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not service Microphones, Car Audio or Home Audio Equipment.

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