Amp Restoration and Mods


Amp Guys have been performing amp restorations and modifications for both guitar and bass amplifiers since the mid-90’s.

Amp guys restore that!” Want to bring that Vintage Tube Amp back to its original glory?  Let the Amp Guys restore it.

Want your Marshall to have a little more clean headroom? Want your Silverface to have a “Tweed” channel?  Amp Guys can do that.  Amp Guys have a number of ‘vintage friendly’ mods and overhauls that we can adapt to your stock Marshall, Fender or other style amplifier.

Some of our restorations include: re-voicing your tone stack, Pre-CBS Conversions, Tweed Conversions, Blackfacing your Silverface circut,  restoring your tweed circuit, and even De-modding your previous circuit changes.

Contact Amp Guys  to restore your tweed amp, convert your Silverface Amp to Blackface circuit, Blackface your Bassman, or revitalize your Marshall or Ampeg amplifier.